How Well Do You Know These Texas Pests?

How much do you know about these common Texas pests? Read below to find out


Responsible for itching bites Texans experience in the Spring and Summer, mosquitos are drawn to water as this is where they breed. With 85 breeds of the mosquito in Texas alone, water and humidity bring swarms of these both outside, and sometimes inside your home. Citronella candles and reducing standing water around your home can help alleviate these pests around and in your home.


These pests are notorious for their sting when provoked. You will most likely find scorpions in dark spaces and crevices of your home, as they hide to conserve the moisture of their body. While you can’t avoid these pests from entering your home, having your home sprayed regularly can help keep them at bay.


These pests thrive in humid and tropical areas, as well as areas where organic matter is readily available. Do you have a compost bin outside of your home? Organic matter like a compost pile or bin can attract large amounts of these pests. If it is located right outside your home, consider moving your compost pile farther from your home’s entry points.

Finding these pests in your home? Schedule an appointment today to get your home sprayed!