Raccoon Removal in San Antonio TX – Video

Raccoon removal from Home attic in San Antonio TX.

Professional Raccoon Removal from Attic and Safe Release

The damage that a Raccoon or other wildlife can cause to AC vents and electrical wiring in the attic is a much bigger problem, said Daniel. Repairs to damage in the attics caused by Raccoon can be costly. Raccoon’s can also spread diseases and create strong odors throughout the home.

Daniel in the video said, if the Raccoon is not paying rent, it has to go, and the homeowner totally agreed off camera.

The video ends by showing the Captured Raccoon found in the attic was safely released back into the wild. Daniel points out how Critter One Animal Control seals off the home from Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, and other pesky critters from re-entering the home’s attic. Capturing and removing a Raccoon from between walls and , or attic is one thing, sealing off the home so Raccoons, and other Wildlife cannot re-enter is the most important part of Raccoon removal from attics.
Critter One Animal Control offers a Animal Exclusion Service backed by a 15-Month Guarantee.

Critter One Animal Control offers an Animal Exclusion and Home Seal Service with a 15-Month Guarantee. Critter One Guarantees that Animals will not re-enter, or they will return and provide Removal and Reseal Services at No Additional Charge. If you have questions about our 15-Month Exclusion Service Guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact Critter One Animal Control at (210) 201-0064.


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Critter One has several approved release site.