#1 Pest Control Service in San Antonio, TX

#1 Pest Control Service in San Antonio, TX

Some pests are small and more often than now, out of our way. As for rodents, it becomes a bit scary to even enter our homes if we know these guys are around. Varying in size, these pests have continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws and are a physical threat to family members as well. This is why rodent control is extremely necessary, whether they are within your homes or even in the surroundings. If within, it becomes even more crucial to get rodent pest control done. This is because they affect all aspects such as health, furniture, food, etc.

Critterone is here to help you tackle all your rodent related worries. Our Rodent management service ensures total eradication of these pesky little creatures that wreak havoc in the house causing huge financial and health setbacks. Our live tested technique will get rid of all types of rodents, rats and mice and fortify your property against future infestations. Critterone experts are very well experienced when it comes to learning the pattern of the rodent signs and discovering the hideout places of these creatures thereby successfully exterminating them. Their signs are typically hidden from our naked eye and requires highly proficient technicians for the specific job.

Rodents and other pests can cause a problem to your health too. They can spread diseases and can bite people or pets. They can also trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions in some people. Rodents that survive a disaster often move to new areas. It will take time for rodents to regroup, reorganize their social behaviour, become familiar with their new environment, find safe haven, locate food and water, and memorize their movements. Colony building and reproduction will begin only when their new ecosystem has stabilized. This typically takes 6 to 10 months under favourable conditions. As the rodent population grows and resettles, people have a greater chance of being exposed to the diseases carried by rodents.

You may be tempted to remove any rodents that find their way into your home on your own, but getting rid of rats and mice can be tricky or even dangerous if not handled properly. A professional rodent removal company is usually the best option for evicting these unwanted guests. Rodent control professionals are specifically trained to deal with the difficulties and threats presented by rodents. They will work with you to develop an effective plan for helping control your rodent problem — one that also takes into account your household’s particular needs.

We at Critterone offer you a wide range of approaches for wildlife control options depending on the type of animal that is causing the issue. We offer wildlife removal and relocation services for animals such as raccoons and skunks. Our wildlife exclusion services focus on critter removal of any current infestation, followed by sealing of possible entrances for wildlife such as birds and squirrels.

Backed by years of pest control and wildlife exclusion experience, we provide prompt, friendly and professional wildlife control solutions through respectful and effective services that include catch and release, passive deterrence, and safe environmental modifications. We offer you a 15 month guarantee home exclusion service, a guarantee that animals do not re-enter for 15 months or the money is returned with a free service.

Critterone is a full-service wildlife control company serving Texas. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. You could get in touch with us on (210) 201-0064, (210) 960-3047 or (830) 431-9064. You could also visit our website https://critterone.wpengine.com/ to know more about us.